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"I have been using Saltie Products for 6 months and the condition of my hair has improved significantly. From less hair loss, to shine and softness, I have never had so many compliments"

Rene Cuchens Santa Rosa Beach Florida

"I had given up on hair masques until I tried Saltie! I'm a balayage-bleach-blonde in a humid environment, so hair products had to do ALL the things. This Masque is PHENOMENAL! My hair is nourished, shiny, CLEAN, and easy to style" "YOU MUST GE THIS MASQUE"

Stacey Fike Houston Texas

Smells amazing and my hair never looked so good. The shampoo has this amazing tingle when lathering

Palo F. Dallas, TX

My hair is no longer falling out - crazy good products! Those ingredients are working.

Sadie H. Destin, FL

Your right about the Sea Salt Spray, it's a day at the beach in a bottle. I got some sexy wavy hair for the evening.

Gabrielle Franklin, TN

OMG the Vitamin Masque is sooo good! My first super clean haircare brand ever. I'm hooked

Rebecca S. Santa Rosa Beach

I use the Leave-In Spray to protect my hair before the beach. My hair feels so amazing with tons of shine.

Wendi M. Seaside, Florida

I brought my products to my stylist for her to try. She is a fan and supports local business.

Megan R. Rosemary Beach, FL

I love that you use natural and organic ingredients. My hair has never looked so good.

Lauren H. Birmingham, AL

"I love the performance of Saltie 30A. The Leave-In Conditioner is my favorite of all Leave-In Conditioners"

Kimberly Meadows Austin Texas

“I LOVE IT. It mad all the difference in my hair. It's taken the lifeless out of it! I can go about 4 days before I wash it again!

Jennifer Minnix Country buyers

Love all 5 of these product. Does wonders on dry colored hair!!"

Julie Erickson Houston

“My hair is soft, not greasy, and looking so healthy!"

Manda Lucas

Why Saltie is different and better for your hair needs

  • Dulse Seaweed

    • High moisture benefits
    • High level of Iodine for follicle health
    • Nourishes scalp and hair for fuller hair
    • Vitamin A essential for hair growth
  • Brown Seaweed

    • High levels of Antioxidant for hair loss
    • Increases hair elasticity for less breakage
    • Hydrates brittle damaged hair
    • Vitamin C treats and prevents hair disorders
  • Wakame Seaweed

    • Rich in 65+ minerals, vitamins & amino acids
    • Anti-inflammatory for reduce hair loss
    • High levels of moisturizing
    • High Protein for rebuilding and bonding
  • Sugar Kelp

    • Reduces scalp sebum improved follicles
    • Prevents moisture loss
    • Hydrates and nourishes hair
    • Anti-inflammatory for ultimate follicle health
  • Sea Lichen Algae

    • High antioxidant defense
    • Reduces free radical damage
    • Natural sun protection
    • High levels of Vitamin C
  • Organic Coconut Oil

    • High essential fatty acids to repair hair
    • Strengthens damaged hair shafts
    • Moisturizes, reduces frizz and adds shine
    • Protects hair from moisture loss
  • Ocean Sustainable

    • Naturally occurring ocean ingredients
    • No soil needed
    • No fresh water needed
    • No chemicals or fertilizer needed
  • 100% Recycled Plastic

    • We use recycled plasic for our bottles & jars
    • 100% Post Consumer Resin bottle & jars
    • Saving our oceans from 30 million new sold bottles each year

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Superfood Sustainable Ingredients

Fuller Thicker Healthier Hair

  • Seaweed, Kelp & Algae contain amazing benefits from the ocean:
  • antiviral, antioxidative, and cancer fighting benefits.
  • Polyphenols that promote healthy scalp to reduce hair thinning
  • B Complex Vitamins that promote scalp and hair health
  • Omega-3 fatty acids that promote strong healthy fuller hair
  • Vitamins A,B1,B2,B6,C,E promote fuller hair
  • Niacin to improve hair thickens
  • Amino Acids protect hair from oxidative stress
  • Plant Proteins repair and seals hair shafts
  • Minerals strengthen roots and shaft to maximize volume
  • Iron promotes oxygen to scalp to reduce hair fall
  • Zinc promotes healthy scalp cells

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  • Dulse Seaweed

  • Brown Seaweed

  • Wakame Seaweed

  • Sugar kelp

  • Sea Lichen Algae

  • Organic Coconut Oil